External sound cards

We can see the gaming PC/NB, RGB lighting control accessories because the gaming and live-streaming market is getting bigger. These markets is getting higher requirements too for the video/audio, so we can see lots of derived applications. Especially the audio/voice requirements, therefore external sound cards are birth.

In the gaming market, the FPS Game , the external sound cards support Scout Mode and it can help you to hear clearly for opponent’s footsteps. It helps you to be easy to win the game.

In addition, the mic. can be connected with external sound cards too and sound cards support special effects to be more fun for gamer and Internet celebrity when they are live-streaming.

MM32F0130 integrate USB interface with rich resources, so it can connect with DSP when we design the external sound cards. In addition, the USB interface pass the USB-IF certificate and it has good interoperability to connect with host PC/NB, game console and smart phone.

MM32 MCU Model:


MCU Specifications:

- Arm® Cortex-M0
- Operating at a frequency of up to 72MHz
- Flash 64KB, SRAM 16KB


- USB Device with certificate
- Big SRAM for the USB multiple functions

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