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Support MM32 Cortex-M series MCU development evaluation

Support an integrated development environment of KEIL uVision v5.0, IAR EWARM v7.80 and above

Support MM32 FDS firmware development platform

Support MM32 Program programming software

Supply power for the development board MCU is based on 3.3V voltage design

Support up to 4KV EFT anti-jamming ability

Embed MM32-LINK-OB in-circuit emulator to support SWD debug interface and CDC virtual com port (which is connected via smart technology)

The label, position and function of the common components on all development boards are uniformly designed

Power supply for emulator USB interface or targeted MCU USB interface

Four side buttons

Four LEDs

One UART adapter

One USB (optionaladapter

One CAN (optional) adapter, CAN driver and terminal matching resistor switch

One 16Mbit SPI Flash memory

One 2Kbit I2C EEPROM memory

One passive speaker

One 3-analog input potentiometer

One switch for built-in extensive function and MCU pin function selection

0.1-inch-spacing DIP socket with the same pin as the MCU (some functional pins are not drawn)

Compatible with Arduino interface, PCB size 3.0x2.85 inches

Blue, black and white PCB and surface mounting technology design can quickly distinguish the functions of the development board

Evaluation Development Board

EVK type number MCU on board
eMini-F0010 eMiniBoard (MM32F0010A1T)
eMini-F0130 eMiniBoard (MM32F0133C7P)

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