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Support the whole MM32 MCU series

8MHz crystal oscillator (up to 96MHz through the chip’s internal PLL)

The system can be powered by one Micro-USB interface via its USB interface ( MM32F103 supports USB communication function, while MM32F031 has no such function)

XC6206-3.3V ultra-low power LDO, with its output current up to 250mA

One power indicator light

Energy consumption testing switch: Standby mode and Running mode

MAX3232 dual charge pump can achieve RS-232 signal when powered at 3.0V~5.5V

SPI Flash W25P80 : 8MB capacity and 50MHz speed

EEPROM chip with I2C interface and AT24C02 with a capacity of 256 bytes

One rotary potentiometer (rheostat) for ADC test

One reset button, one WakeUp button and two normal buttons

Four LED of different colors for GPIO test

RS-232 male connector socket

3 Pin external UART interface for TTL signal

One standard IDC-20 PinSWD downloading port supports J-Link, U-LINK2, MM32-Link and CMSIS-DAP

IO extension head supports Arduino interface

The serial port downloading interface is reserved to facilitate the communication of development board. And programs can be downloaded via the serial port.

Size: 63mm x 52mm

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