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Driver MCU

Driver MCU is specifically designed for low-voltage and low-power motor applications with high degree of integration

- Equip with Arm® Cortex-M0 core

- Integrate digital communication interfaces such as UART, I2C and SPI

- Internally Integrate MOSFET, LDO, OPAMP, COMP, high-speed ADC and motor-specific PWM module

  • MM32SPIN023C

  • MM32SPIN222C

  • MM32SPIN422C

Part No. Flash (KB) RAM (KB) UART I2C SPI ADC (12bit) ACMP OpAmp Driver MOSFET Voltage Package
MM32SPIN222C 32 4 Support 1 1 - 3phase 1.5A 20V QFN32
MM32SPIN422C 128 12 Support 1 2 2 3phase 1.5A 20V QFN32