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G is coming|MindMotion launches the innovative MM32G series!

2023-02-10 17:41:32

On 10th Feburary, 2023, Shanghai MindMotion Microelectronics announced the new MM32G series MCU products. As a supplement of MM32F MCU, which has gained popularity in the market, the MM32G series will offer users more MM32 MCU options in terms of efficiency, platform, compatibility and reliability.

The new MM32G series keeps MindMotion’s presence in Arm MCU ecosystem, features a span from Cortex-M0 core to STAR-MC1 core with the main frequency upgrading from entry-level 48MHz to up to 180MHz, and newly added multiple advanced analog and digital peripherals to its full series.

A new member of the MM32 multi-application product family - MM32G

After three years of product optimisation, MindMotion has been one of the few domestic MCU suppliers, whose product layouts ranging from entry level to high performance, low power consumption and application-oriented.

MM32G is positioned as the high efficiency series within the general-purpose MCU category and it has two sub-series.

- MM32G0 – based on Arm Cortex-M0 core

- MM32G5 – based on STAR-MC1 core

The main frequency of MM32G0 can be up to 72MHz and its operating temperature can be up to 105°C, compliant with the extended industrial standards. The full series of MM32G is equipped with higher performance analog functions such as HSI high-speed internal crystal with +-1% accuracy, more advanced communication peripheral CAN-FD, high-speed timer control up to 144MHz, USB interface function without external crystal XTAL-LESS and single power/ground design.

With up to 180MHz STAR-MC1, MM32G5 offers more outstanding performance whose main frequency and core have been improved. Equipped with -40°C to 105°C extended industrial operating temperature within the whole series, MM32G5 offers additional 12b SAR ADC with oversampling and 12b DAC, in addition to the high-performance analog function of MM32G0. It has standard CAN-FD interface and optional high-precision timer in some products for smart industry, motor and power applications. The memory of some products owns safety functions such as ECC. Similar to MM32G0, MM32G5 is configured with single supply/ground design.

MindMotion introduced its first two models of MM32G01 series: G0140&G0160

The main differences between G0140 & G0160 are the memory capacity and part of the advanced peripherals. The whole MM32G01 series is characterized with:

- Arm Cortex-M0 of 72MHz

- -40℃~105℃ extended industrial working temperature

- Retain MM32’s wide voltage characteristics: 2.0V~5.5V

- Integrate more low-power peripherals, such as LP UART and LP Timer

- Supported XTAL-LESS-USB, FlexCAN-FD and I3C slave interface on G0160 series

The FlexCAN -FD integrated by MM32G01 series provides faster communication speeds, longer data lengths and more frame formats; its XTAL-LESS USB controller is suitable for common USB device applications such as keyboard and mouse.

The MM32G01's ADC is optimised for motor applications, with support for arbitrary sequence sampling, injection mode and storage for all conversion channel results. It is also featured with 144MHz advanced timer with rich functions.

Supporting software and hardware platform for MM32G series

The newly launched MM32G series will be supported on MindMotion’s software and hardware eco-platform and its hardware tools will carry on the Miniboard design. In order to maintain software compatibility with the MM32F, MindMotion will release software development kits for LibSamples and MindSDK. The former is convenient for users to be familiar with function module standalone libraries and examples while the latter provides a software framework for devices, drivers, development boards and applications that is easy to port, speeding up software development and shortening the time for products to go to market. Besides, our certification of IEC60730 Class B safety driver library for home appliance is also in progress.

MM32G application scenarios

MM32G series MCU can be used in the following application scenarios:

- IoT: Small package, low power consumption and low cost

- Smart home appliance: EMC/ESD, low power consumption, and low cost

- Motor: Cost-effective, advanced peripheral, and 105 ℃ working temperature

- Inustrial control sensing: storage ratio, 105 ℃ working temperature, ADC performance, and rich peripherals

- Consumer electronics: small package to spare externl crystal, and low cost

G0140 sample and development board within the MM32G01 series will be available in mid-February, and the G0160 will be officially launched at the end of March. At that time, users can get more information through MindMotion’s official website , official distributor channels or online promotion platform.