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Exciting News|MM32A0144 has passed AEC-Q100 automotive certification

2023-03-10 15:06:43

Shanghai MindMotion Microelctronics Co., Ltd. announces that its MM32A0144 chip has passed the AEC-Q100 quality certification.

AEC-Q100 is an international standard designed by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) to provide quality and reliability standards for automotive chips, and ensure the safety and reliability of automotive electronic systems.

Recently, MM32A0144 (MM32A0144C6PM), MindMotion’s first automotive product series, has passed AEC-Q100 automotive-grade reliability test from a third-party authority. This certification signifies that the performance and reliability of MindMotion’s automotive-grade MCU products have been certified and accepted by the international security system, and have been ranked among the high-end automotive chips in China. At the same time, MM32A0144 also passed the full process AEC-Q100 test led by MindMotion’s own automotive chip test and verification laboratory, allowing MindMotion to be the first domestic chip supplier to smoothly cooperate with chip designers in reliability testing and verification, and obtain a complete data analysis report that satisfies the automotive specification requirements.

After delivering more than 10 million units of MM32F0140 industrial product series in one year, MM32A0144 passed all 28 single-wafer IC-related automotive certification tests, which reflects the all-aspect improvement of MindMotion’s technical strength in design, manufacturing, verification, testing, and quality control system of automotive MCU products and also fully demonstrates the reliability and safety of MidMotion's chips. As one of the latest automotive grade-level chip launched by MindMotion, MM32A0144, featured with high performance, low power consumption and high reliability, can meet the needs of the automotive electronics industry.

About AEC-Q100

AEC-Q100 is a dedicated quality certification system developed by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) to ensure the reliability and safety of automotive electronic parts, with which chips can be assured to withstand the extreme temperature, humidity, vibration and aging tests within the automotive application environment. This certification is primarily used to prevent various conditions or potential failure states that may occur in products, and guide parts suppliers to use chips that meet the specifications in the development process. Strict examination and verfication are taken by AEC-Q100 on the quality and reliability of each chip case, and the product data sheet proposed by the manufacturer. With this certification, we can know whether the purpose of use, functional descriptions and other features meet the initial requirements, and whether the functions and performance are consistent after continuous use.

This certification allows our automotive chips to better meet the requirements of the automotive industry, thus providing outstanding chip technology of high reliablility, high availability, and high performance for automotive electronics applications. During this certification process, our chips passed strict tests such as high temperature/low temperature/humidity/pressure/force/strength/reliability/stability/repeatability to ensure reliability and availability for automotive electronics applications. For MindMotion, this achievement will bring more possibilities for this field and provide safer and more reliable services to automotive users, enabling more technological advances and changes in automobiles.

MM32A0144-MindMotion's first automotive grade-level chip is officially launched!

The first automotive grade-level chip MM32A0144 comes out, which marks MindMotion’s official entry into the field of automotive chips and also indicates that MindMotion will bring a new and smart experience to the automotive electronics.

MM32A0144 series automotive MCUs are built on 72MHz Arm Cortex M0, equipped with 64KB Flash, 8KB SRAM, FlexCAN, high performance ADC, advanced timer, high ESD and Latch-Up performance, 2.0-5.5V wide voltage supply, and compliant with AEC-Q100 Grade 1, - 40 to 125C specification. This product supports multiple peripheral interfaces, and can meet the hardware requirements of a wide range of in-vehicle technologies.

MM32A0144 series automotive MCUs are equipped with high-reliability and high-performance communication interfaces for automotive applications, allowing them to be used in a wide range of application scenarios, such as body sensor control, battery management, parking sensor, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, charging management, instrument and navigation co-processors, pedestrian warning and acoustic vehicle warning system, ambient lighting, window and door control, motor control, and vehicle diagnostics.

The main features of MM32A0144 series are:

- 72MHz Arm® Cortex-M0

- 64KB Flash,8KB SRAM

- One 12-bit ADC and one comparator

- One 16-bit advanced timer, one 16-bit and one 32-bit general-purpose timer as well as three 16-bit basic timers

- Three UART interfaces (LIN supported), one I2C interface, two SPI or I2S interfaces and one FlexCAN interface

- Working voltage: 2.0V ∼ 5.5V

- Working temperature range (ambient temperature)-40℃ ∼ +125℃

-Compliant with AEC-Q100 Grade 1 certification

- +/-6kV ESD HBM,+/-300mA LU @Ta 125C

- Multiple power-saving working modes are embedded to ensure low-power application requirements

- Provide four package types: LQFP48, LQFP32, QFN32 and TSSOP20

In the future, MindMotion will continue to provide high-quality products for the automotive electronics industry, drive technological innovation in IOV and sensors, and bring safer, smarter and greener solutions to vehicles, thus promoting the development of the automotive electronics industry and continuously improving consumers' experience.

MM32A0144C6PM LQFP48 package is available for volume orders. For more information, please contact our sales and distributors. Other package forms will be available for automotive grade-level models.

MindMotion will launch more MM32A automative products in this year. For more product information, please visit www.mm32mcu.com