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MindMotion Signs Cooperation Contract with SAIC Automotive Chip Reliability Certification Review Platform

2023-07-14 09:52:08

July 13, 2023 - During the 10th Auto Electronic Innovation Forum, MindMotion officially signed an "Intent Letter of Commission for SAIC Automotive Chip Reliability Certification Review" with the joint review platform represented by the Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers and Shanghai Automotive Chip Engineering Center. The signing of this "Intent Letter" signifies that MindMotion's automotive chip products will be certified and endorsed by the SAIC Automotive Chip Reliability Certification Joint Review Platform, enabling better access to SAIC's supply chain and providing technical support, contributing to the development and enhancement of reliability certification in China’s automotive chip industry.

In recent years, the global "chip shortage crisis" has had a profound impact on the automotive chip industry. In response to the uncertainty of basic component supply, car manufacturers all over the world have shifted their focus towards backup and diversification. In particular, the attitude of the China’s automotive industry towards domestically produced chips has undergone a significant transformation. As the chip shortage situation improves, automotive companies are taking a proactive approach to verify and apply domestically produced chips, gradually expanding the scale of mass production, and driving the development of the domestic chip supply side, presenting enormous potential for growth.

To date, nearly a hundred companies in China have invested in developing automotive chip products, pushing China's automotive chip industry to enter a period of rapid growth and competition. Simultaneously, the harmonious alignment of national policies, industry demands, and enterprise development provides solid support for the long-term development of the industry.

However, China’s domestically produced automotive chips are still in the early stages of rapid development. Therefore, it is urgently required for the industry to collaboratively establish a complete vehicle-level chip testing and validation process and comprehensive quality control standards, with the support of major OEMs and chip manufacturers working together.

As one of China’s leading supplier of general-purpose 32-bit MCUs (Microcontrollers) and solutions, MindMotion has been dedicated to independent research and development of software, hardware, and ecosystem since its establishment in 2011. MindMotion's MCU products, known as MM32, are based on the Arm Cortex-M series core and have successfully mass-produced nearly 300 different models, with a cumulative delivery of over 400 million chips. Since the release of the second-generation MM32 products in 2020 and the first automotive-grade chip in 2022, MindMotion has delivered its chips in various automotive-related fields, such as reverse radar, sensors, pedestrian warning systems, charging stations, battery management, in-vehicle co-processors, and electronic toll collection (ETC) systems.

To accelerate the development and iteration of China-produced automotive chips, achieve a high level of technological self-reliance, and promote the high-quality development of the automotive industry, MindMotion Automotive Chip Testing and Validation Laboratory was officially put into operation in March 2023 under the leadership of national vehicle-level chip expert Dawei Chen. The laboratory comprises five major functions, including electrical parameter analysis testing, reliability testing, IC EMC testing, functional safety, and system function verification, as well as application condition verification. It has established an efficient and comprehensive project management and control process in accordance with international automotive electronic component reliability standards (AEC-Q100/AEC-Q104).

The commissioning of MindMotion from the SAIC Automotive Chip Reliability Certification Joint Review Platform represents a high recognition of MindMotion's product design and quality control capabilities. Simultaneously, the establishment of MindMotion's chip validation laboratory and the signing of this intent letter are of great significance to the development of China's automotive chip industry. With its comprehensive testing processes and equipment, professional testing environment, and data analysis capabilities, MindMotion's laboratory will provide reliable validation services for China's automotive chip industry, further promoting the development and iteration of domestically produced vehicle-level chips, and contributing to the high-quality development of the automotive industry.

In the future, MindMotion Automotive Chip Testing and Validation Laboratory will collaborate closely with partners across the automotive industry chain, establish technical and industrial channels for autonomous automotive chip on-vehicle applications, strive to achieve domestic substitution and international expansion of automotive chips, and contribute to the vigorous development of China-produced vehicle-level chips. MindMotion will continue to uphold the spirit of "Integrity, Commitment, Innovation, and Cooperation," providing customers with high-quality products and services, and driving China's automotive chip industry towards higher levels of advancement.