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Breaking News | MindMotion Microelectronics Receives a New Round of Strategic Investment from Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Group

2023-12-20 16:37:10

MindMotion Microelectronics, also known as Shanghai MindMotion Microelectronics Co., Ltd., recently announced that it has received a new round of strategic investment from the Haiwang Fund under the Shanghai STVC Group. Prior to this, MindMotion Microelectronics had received investments from prominent domestic investment institutions, as well as industry capitals such as Xiaomi, SMIC Venture Capital, Zhangjiang High-Tech, Juntong Capital, and Lanpu Capital. This financing will accelerate MindMotion Microelectronics' business layout and strategic deployment, aiding the company in achieving greater breakthroughs in technology research and development and market expansion.

Established in 2011, MindMotion Microelectronics is a leading supplier of general-purpose 32-bit MCU products and solutions in China. Identified by the MM32 brand, the company has established an independent and comprehensive ecosystem for general-purpose MCUs, currently offering nearly 300 models in mass production with a cumulative delivery of over 500 million units, positioning the company at the forefront among domestic general-purpose 32-bit MCU providers. Their clientele spans across various application domains, including intelligent industries, automotive electronics, communication infrastructure, medical healthcare, smart home appliances, IoT, personal devices, smartphones, and computers.

In recent years, propelled by the wave of chip localization and the domestic market demand, MindMotion Microelectronics has actively ventured into the high-standard automotive control field, achieving significant progress and breakthroughs.

Early 2023

The MindMotion Automotive-Grade Chip Testing and Verification Laboratory was officially launched, providing AEC-Q100 test verification for product series such as MM32F and MM32A intended for automotive applications.

November 2023

MindMotion Microelectronics received the ISO 26262 Functional Safety Management System ASIL D certification from the independent third-party testing, inspection, and certification organization TÜV Rheinland Group of Germany. This certification signifies that the company's products and processes have undergone extensive testing and analysis, fully meeting the stringent requirements of international standards and gaining industry recognition.

"We are delighted to receive strategic investment from the Haiwang Fund under the Shanghai STVC Group. Particularly in the current challenging market scenario, this investment demonstrates the recognition of MindMotion Microelectronics' past efforts by the Shanghai STVC Group and signifies tremendous support and encouragement for our future development," stated Dr. Wu Zhongjie, Chairman of MindMotion Microelectronics. "This investment will aid us in intensifying our research and development efforts, enhancing our technological innovation capabilities, and providing superior products and services to global customers. With the robust resources and experience from the Haiwang Fund, we look forward to achieving greater breakthroughs in the market."

Having overcome numerous challenges, the future holds even greater promise. This strategic investment marks a significant milestone in MindMotion Microelectronics' development journey. Looking ahead, the company will uphold the spirit of "integrity, commitment, innovation, and collaboration," further intensifying investment in technological research and development. Continuously driving technological innovation and product upgrades, the company will actively expand its market presence and explore collaboration opportunities with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, collectively promoting progress and development in the entire domestic semiconductor industry.

Haiwang Fund

Haiwang Fund is the core investment platform of Shanghai STVC Group, managing various funds initiated by the group. It is an important entity driving market-oriented mechanisms' innovation within the group. Presently, Haiwang Fund has initiated and managed seven funds, with the fund management scale surpassing 10 billion RMB, focusing on hardcore industry investments in integrated circuits, biomedicine, aerospace, high-end equipment, artificial intelligence, and cultural technology.