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MM32-LINK Emulator

MM32-LINK is an integrated development tool for emulator and programmer

Support Win 10, Win 7 and Windows XP operating systems, no driver installation is required under Win10 environment

Support the whole series of MCU code programming of MM32 Cortex-M to automatically match the targeted chip

Support online ICP SWD programming

Support online ICP automatic programming machine interface

Support offline ICP and APM automatic programming machine interface

In online/offline ICP/APM programming mode, the programming time for 128KB is less than 3 seconds, and for 16KB is less than 0.5 seconds

Micro USB high-speed communication interface provides power supply

Programming adapter optionsICP-Adapter, ISP-Adapter and APM-Adapter

Development tool application
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Development tool application

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  • MM32-LINK Application and Development Manual (Chinese)
    Chinese 1.00 ZIP 13.35MB 2019.05.23

    Description: MM32-LINK application development manual, including MM32-LINK quick start, user manual, common problem description.

  • MM32-LINK emulator/programmer USB driver (Chinese)
    Chinese 1.01 ZIP 18.98MB 2020.09.22

    Description: MM32-LINK emulator/programmer USB driver driver, support, Windows7, Windows XP. The Windows 10 operating system has pre-installed USB drivers, and MM32-LINK no longer needs to install other USB drivers.

  • MM32-LINK emulator/programmer development kit
    Chinese 1.60.22a ZIP 12.69MB 2021.04.29

    Description: MM32-LINK emulator/programmer/development kit (v1.60.23) with MM32-LINK emulator firmware update (v1.67), supports MM32-LINK, MM32-LINK-ISOL, MM32-LINK-OB and new versions MM32-LINK-A emulator/programmer, newly supports MM32F0010/MM32F3270 chip programming function, increases the extremely fast programming option, the programming speed reaches 2.4 seconds @128K, at the same time corrects some mistakes of the earlier version.

  • MM32-LINK emulator/programmer firmware upgrade package
    Chinese 1.69 ZIP 1008.14KB 2021.07.25

    Description: The MM32-LINK emulator firmware upgrade package is suitable for MM32-LINK, MM32-LINK-A, MM32-LINK-B, MM32-LINK-ISOL, MM32-LINK-OB emulator/programmer firmware upgrade. After upgrading the v1.69 version, the support software of the personal computer must be upgraded to v1.60.22 and higher at the same time.

  • MM32-LINK function brief (Chinese)
    Chinese 1.00 PDF 193.05KB 2021.08.15

    Description: MM32-LINK emulator/programmer function brief

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